Screen Time with Matisse [detail]. 2022. Various fabrics and fabric swatches; inkjet prints on cotton, silk, and paper; hand embroidery with silk thread on linen; Yoruba seed bag; Kuba cloth; felt, paper, sock, wooden hanger; sewn and pinned to 3-panel folding screen (velvet, wood, hinges). 71 x 48 x 5 in. (180.3 x 121.9 x 12.7 cm)

Panel 1

1.  Tahitian fabric, Oceana Fabrics.
2.  Tahitian man with pareo, 1930 (photograph by Henry Matisse).
3.  Handmade stationary with note to the artist from J.T.
4.  Exhibition catalogues for Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs, The Museum of Modern Art, 2014.
5.  Henri Matisse, Manila Shawl, 1911, oil on canvas, 19.3 x 31.5 in. (Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland).
6.  “L’Arbre de Matisse,” designed by Billy Baldwin for Quadrille Fabrics, fabric swatches and printout of colorway specs.
7.  Henri Matisse, Arab Coffee House, 1912–13, oil on canvas, 69.3 x 82.7 in. (State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia).

Panel 2

8.  Notre Dame as seen from the window of Matisse’s studio on Quai Saint –Michel, Paris, 1906–17 (photograph by Hélène Adant).
9.  Matisse’s window looking out onto the Harbor at Collioure, France, 1905–14 (photograph by Hélène Adant).
10.  Yoruba seed bag, Nigeria or Benin, early 20th century.
11.  Henry Matisse, Still Life with African Statuette, 1907, oil on canvas, 41.3 x 27.6 in. (private collection).
12.  Henry Matisse, Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra), 1906, oil on canvas, 36.2 x 55.1 in. (Cone Collection, Baltimore Museum of Art).
13.  Pierre Bonnard as an odalisque in Matisse’s studio, 1929 (photograph, Collection of Musée Bonnard, Le Cannet, France).
14.  Henri Matisse in New York City, 1930 or 1933 (Archives of The Museum of Modern Art).
15.  Henri Matisse, Odalisque with Magnolias, 1923–24, oil on canvas, 25.6 x 31.9 in. (Private collection).
16.  Kuba cloth, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1970s, rafia.
17. Henry Matisse with his collection of Kuba cloths and two Cézanne paintings (Portrait of Mme. Cezanne, 1885–87, and Bibemus, 1904) hung alongside his own work, in his apartment at Place Charles-Felix, Nice, 1932 (photograph from exhibition catalogue of Henri Matisse: A Retrospective, 1992, The Museum of Modern Art, p. 296).

Panel 3

18.  “Deliciosa,” designed by Aimée Wilder, fabric swatches.
19.  “Femme Arabe chez elle,” postcard from Tangier (reproduced).
20.  Henri Matisse, Odalisque in Silver Gray Harem Pants, 1926–27, oil on canvas, 21.25 x 25.6 in. (Musee de L’Orangerie, Paris).
21.  Lydia Delectorskaya at the Hotel Regina, Nice, 1949 (photograph by Lucien Hervé).
22.  Lydia Delectorskaya and Angela Rosengart at Hotel Regina, Nice, 1952 (unknown photographer).
23.  Matisse’s La Gerbe in the process of being deinstalled from the Frances Brody residence and transferred to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2010 (photograph).
24.  Plate from Colors and Their Application to Industrial Arts Using Chromatic Circles (1864), by Michel Eugène Chevreul, engraving by René-Henri Digeon.

*Unidentified fabric swatches sourced from:
Clarence House
Mood Fabrics
B&J Fabrics
Decorator’s Best
Fabric Guru
Decorative Fabrics Direct