Installation view, left to right, top to bottom:

Antiworlds and Antipeople, 2017
Appendix 34, 2016.
Minimally Existent (Marilynne Robinson), 2016.
Invisible Vibrations, 2016.
A Damsel with a Dulcimer (Coleridge), 2017.
Optic White, 2016.
And There It Was (The Invisible Man), 2016.
We Were the People Who Were Not in the Papers, 2019.
My Dreams (Thomas de Qunicey), 2017.
O May I Join the Choir Invisible, 2016.
The Fridge Is Empty (Louise Bourgeois), 2019.
The Purloined Letter, 2017.
The Tartarus of Maids, 2016.
I Grew, 2016.
Billions of Neutrinos, 2017.