Sampler (World Wide Web). 1997. Hand embroidery on linen. 11.25 x 14.25 in. (28.6 x 36.2 cm)

Spin spinoff spin a yarn spin a web of deceit
net wove weave a spell witches’ loom text textile
texture fabric fabrication whole cloth ravel
unravel weave code thread shuttle spindle yarn
thread the labyrinth hang by a thread filament
wire cast off castoff linen line lifeline storyline
fleece weft fashion design interweave nest fur
comb warp process processor word-processing
screen silkscreen raster pixel tape sample
sampler network pleat fiber repeat pattern
fiber-optic lattice punchcard jacquard program
synthetic mesh micromesh microfiber microsoft
knot drop a thread stitch in time chip system
cable figure in the carpet cipher matrix string
sew ply embroider the truth embroider a fantasy